About Us

For a long time, the Chinese products which draw up "MAKE IN CHINA"  would be regarded as the "cheap price" or "cheap quality". The Founder of KONFULON who was very impressed about it when he was making business oversea. Therefore the founder hopes to set up a brand which focus on the quality and sell it to all over the world, then set up the brand named "KONFULON".

"KONFU" sounds like "KONG FU" it is a famous word all over the world, and "LON" means "DRAGON" the totem of China. So it easy understanding for the foreigners who hear "KONFULON" then will understand this brand was come from China, and the products are "MAKE IN CHINA"
Now, the "KONFULON" brand has operated more than 10 years, and the KONFULON product has sold to all over the world. It proved that the Chinese products which draw up "MAKE IN CHINA" are basics on the quality and can be highly accepted by all over the world.

KONFULON will take AKE THE WORLD LIKES MAKE IN CHINA as the Business Purpose to produce the excellent quality and favorable price products for the world.