Konfulon LED Fan Mosquito Killing ML-03

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  • The best method of mosquito control effect
  •  Please turn on the mosquito killer lamp at least 3 hours in advance when using it in the bedroom;
  •  The darker the environment, the better the effect of mosquito control in enclosed space;
  •  Avoid machines that get too close to people ,because people body's temperature and odor are more induce mosquitoes.;
  • Avoid strong wind (e.g. fans, air conditioners, etc.) to blow out mosquito lamps directly;
  • Recommended to use the mosquito killer lamp for the first time for more than 48 hours,do not open the mosquito storage box during the period, To avoid the escape of undehydrated mosquitoes, it is recommended to clean the mosquito storage box once every 3-5 days.
  • The mosquito attractant is replaced once a month to keep the mosquito attractant effect..

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